Holi Nail Art .

Holi is here!!! And so is my new Holi Nail art!!

If you have not checked the do’s and dont’s for holi yet, click here

 Holi Nail Art . 

Things you need:

1. Base coat

2. Nail polish in redgreenyellow and blue colours.

3. Toothpick

4. Nail polish remover

5. Cotton ball

6. Waste cloth

Step 1:Apply base coat..Then take a drop of any nail polish and place it at one corner of your nail.

 Holi Nail Art .


Step 2: Take the pointed end of a toothpick and quickly spread the polish in different directions. This gives the look of a splatter.

 Holi Nail Art .


Step 3: Make a few random dots.

Step 4: Take another Nail polish and repeat the same.This time put a drop of polish in another corner (It’s OK if you overlap the different colours.) 

Holi Nail Art .  

Step 5:Use a cotton ball dipped in nail polish remover and clean the sides of your nail.

 Holi Nail Art .

Repeat for all nails.

Your colourful Holi nail art is ready!

 Holi Nail Art .


What other nail arts can you do for holi?:)

Now that you have read my post, I would love to read your comments about it :)