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Galaxy Nail Art.

Today’s challenge of the 31 Day nail art challenge is to do galaxy nails. OK so this may sound a bit scary because this nail art looks very complex (just like our galaxy) but in reality it’s not that difficult. Just a little patience is needed here. Also I would suggest galaxy nail art for […]

Leopard Half Moon Nails.

Challenge 18 of the 31 Day nail art challenge is to do half moon nails. At first I was planning to do regular half moon nails..but what’s the fun in that? Here are my pink leopard half moon nails! Easy to do and a really cute design ^_^

Glitter Gradient Nail Art!

What’s sexier than a glitter gradient nail art? NOTHING! I absolutely love glitter polish and wanted to go something good for the 17th challenge of the 31 day nail art challenge!As you know I’ve already don’t gradient nails in my earlier challenge, but that was using regular polish. So, if you have even a little […]

Roses on a Sunny Day Nail Art!

It’s sunny in Mumbai today and I’m so happy the rain god decided not to rain for a day! Phew! And today’s challenge for the 31 day nail art challenge is to do a floral nail art! So I decided to call my nail art roses on a sunny day nail art ūüėõ Basically my […]

31 Day Nail Art Challenge: Cupcake Nail Art.

I know I’ve not been very regular with the 31 day nail art challenge. Have been very busy lately Anyways here’s a nail art for challenge 12!! The challenge was to do a nail art with a stripes pattern. I decided to do this cupcake nail art,which is awesome!

31 Day Nail Art Challenge: Pink Gradient Nails.

I’m in love with this 31 day nail art challenge…It’s making me do stuff out of my comfort zone! And the results are so stunning!! *on cloud nine* Today’s challenge was to do gradient nails! Well this was not my first attempt to gradient nails however it was the most successful one. I love this […]

31 Day Nail Art Challenge: Rainbow Nail art for short nails.

Today’s nail art is inspired by the weather in Mumbai these days Also today’s challenge for the 31 day nail art challenge was to do a nail art using rainbow colours..I thought why not do a rainbow literally! Ta-ta-da-da the rainbow nail art for short nails ūüėõ This nail art is actually very cute and […]

Nail taping : Star burst Nail Art

With this post I introduce a new nail art technique called nail taping ¬† Nail taping is basically using a tape to do your designs..its very easy..but can sometimes be time consuming..¬† Here’s how you do this simple nail art using tape: ¬†

Desidime Nail Art.

I’m in love with¬†¬†¬†Here’s a desidime nail art to express my love!! ¬† ¬†   Things you need: 1.Blue nail Polish 2.White dotting pen¬† 3.Toothpick 4.Nail adhesive 5.Rhinestones ¬† Step One: Using a toothpick dipped in¬†blue nail¬†polish¬†draw a triangle starting from the middle of the base of your nail. ¬† Step Two: Fill the triangle […]

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