Two Toned Trend!

Well..this trend is no longer new now but is still buzzing in the fashion world! The two toned trend (wow!!that’s a tongue twister :P) started with hair and eventually moved on to everything! You must have spotted many hollywood actresses with a half blond-half brunet hair! Here are my likes and dislikes about the trend!

Two Toned Trend!

1.Two toned Hair.

As I mentioned this is where it all started! The ombre or two toned hair is now very common and slowly going out of fashion! It looks stunning! The brunet-blonde combo is the sexiest! Asians can try black brown tone! Purple-red combo..go ahead I won’t stop you 😛

Here is Rachel Bilson with her sexy two toned hair Two Toned Trend! So pretty!! ^_^

Two Toned Trend!


2. Two toned clothes.

Of course! If something is trendy,it has to be a part of clothing!Though two tone trend is thought to be a spring/summer fashion, however I feel it’s perfect for fall too! Here are some of the picks I really adore!

Two Toned Trend!

I would love to try two-tone trench coat this fall!

3. Two toned nails.

Been there, done that! We’ve been doing ombre nails all this time! How about those crisp french manicure using different colors? We’ve done that so many times right? It’s the least expensive way to bring this trend to your wardrobe 😉 Here check some of my tutorials for these amazing nail designs Two Toned Trend!

 Two Toned Trend!

4. Two toned Lips.

Make up,specially eyeshadow has always been two-tone!And it looks very sexy too! But the latest discovery was two toned lips!

Two Toned Trend!

Ummm.. Ok so I have a confession to make! I think two toned lips look plain dumb! 😛 It’s good for all the runway models but implementing that in real life? I’m not so sure! I don’t think I can carry that..and just because it is a trend does not mean I should. What say? (besides it is so weird when one lip is pink and other is orange! :O)

5. Two toned Footwear.

The revolution of footwear is here!  I just love the two-tone stilettos! They look gorgeous! I saw a particular pair of stilettos with a neon orange and black mix..oh god it looked so sexy.!!!

Two Toned Trend!

 What about boots?

Will you bring this trend to your wardrobe? How? Will you try two toned lips? Do you think India is ready for this bold trend?

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  1. preethiprasan
    September 10, 2013 at 8:01 pm (11 years ago)

    Hmmm…I had no idea there is so much to know about two tones. Have never Been much into fashion or taking care of one’s looks…I understand there is so much to it :) learning new things from your blog…will contact u for suggestions and doubts in the future :) rather I have to start from scratch…

    • Vidhi
      September 11, 2013 at 11:32 am (11 years ago)

      It’s not necessary to wear all the latest trends can be fashionable even without that 😉 thanks for dropping by preethi :)


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