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Salt Nail Art for Short nails.

Here’s a unique salt nail art which is easy to do yet very pretty!The texture created by this nail art is really good! If you dont wish to buy Sally hansans expensice sugar coat polishes you can try this technique of salt nail art for short nails. I love the texture of this nail art […]

IPL Pepsi Nail art!

IPL starts today!!All the adrenaline and drama is exactly what a cricket fan like me wants!! So I thought whats better than an IPL pepsi nail art? Its quick and easy…Just 4 simple steps and we are done!!

Holi Nail Art .

Holi is here!!! And so is my new Holi Nail art!! If you have not checked the do’s and dont’s for holi yet, click here  

Water Marble Nail art, beginners guide!

Water Marbling is a new type of nail technique which requires patience..If you are willing to give some time on your nail art, this is for you..It’s not necessary to choose the products I’ve used..instead you can use any polish that you like..

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