Gear Up For Holi!!

The festival of colours is almost here!!Lets prepare for a fun filled and safe holi  Gear Up For Holi!! Here are some do’s and dont’s..

Gear Up For Holi!!



27th March 2013

Gear Up For Holi!! 

What to wear?

The traditional white kurti and leggings is the best..but you can always go for any old pair of clothes..Girls please wear an inner if you prefer to wear white kurti or t-shirt(you may be splashed with lots of water and we don’t want to get into an embarrassing we?)

Gear Up For Holi!!


Things you need: 

1. Gulal and other colours.

2. Water balloons & water guns 😛

You can also opt for the holi combos available here:


Gear Up For Holi!!

Hair care:

How can I protect my hair from harsh chemicals?

Oil your hair properly, or you’ll end up with badly damaged hair! You can use from a variety of oils like coconut oil, mustard oil, almond oil, awla oil, etc ..

Gear Up For Holi!!


How do I get rid of  holi colours from my hair?

Wash your hair with a mild shampoo.. preferably a herbal shampoo. Use a conditioner..You cannot get rid of the colours in a single wash so try this, Apply some curd on your hair after a single wash. Mix curd and lemon juice and apply properly. Leave for 45 minutes. Wash with a mild shampoo.  Use a good quality hair serum (excessive washing makes hair dry and brittle, a hair serum will really help! Trust me!)


Gear Up For Holi!!


Skin care:

Moisturiser is a must before you step out of the house on holi!

How to remove holi colours from skin?

First of all try to wipe off colours on the skin using a dry waste cloth.(some colours stick to skin when mixed with water)DO NOT RUB! Then take a cold water bath using a mild soap or shower gel. Moisturise your skin immediately after bathing..Do not have a facial or use facial bleach at least for a week after holi!

Other Tips:

Cut your nails short! Do not cut your cuticles ever (especially not before holi) or you will increase the chances of getting an infection.

Don’t forget to drink water..Yes in midst of all the fun we forget to hydrate ourselves causing more damage to our skin! 

Do not wear contact lenses.

 Gear Up For Holi!!


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