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31 Day Nail Art Challenge: Cupcake Nail Art.

I know I’ve not been very regular with the 31 day nail art challenge. Have been very busy lately Anyways here’s a nail art for challenge 12!! The challenge was to do a nail art with a stripes pattern. I decided to do this cupcake nail art,which is awesome!

Bollywood and Neon Sari Trend!

Neon is definitely the color of the season! And it’s now coming to saris! If you’ve observed most of the Bollywood celebs these days, you will know what I’m talking about! I was wondering who looks the best..so I came up with the pictures of all these lovely ladies and did some analysis 😛

11 Tips to Get Rid of Dark Circles at Home.

A major problem in our life these days are those ugly black huge dark circles!! Thanks to our lifestyle! (Working late night, sleeping on the way to work, eating anything that’s in our hand’s reach, hardly anytime to exercise) It all shows on our face!! All the stress and issues of our day-to-day life cause […]

Despicable Me Nail Art.

If you thought panda nail art was cute, you should see this one!! 😛 DESPICABLE ME NAIL ART!! I wore this despicable me nail art to the movie and everyone loved it 😀 The minions are so cute!! If you wish to replicate this nail art, keep reading

My Shopping Experience: Snapdeal Review.

As you know,I’m very addicted to online shopping these days! Most of my stuff, from stilettos to nail polishes are purchased online, thanks to all the amazing deals and discounts available.(I’m lazy too!) That’s why I decided to write some e-commerce website reviews(starting with a snapdeal review)to help you guys from falling into the trap […]

31 Day Nail Art Challenge: Pink Gradient Nails.

I’m in love with this 31 day nail art challenge…It’s making me do stuff out of my comfort zone! And the results are so stunning!! *on cloud nine* Today’s challenge was to do gradient nails! Well this was not my first attempt to gradient nails however it was the most successful one. I love this […]

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