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31 Day Nail Art Challenge: Frog nail art

Day four of 31 day nail art challenge..and the challenge is to do a nail art using the colour green!  Well, I was secretly waiting for this challenge because I wanted to dedicate this nail art to my jiju Bhavik  He recently gave me a gift which I always saw and adored at one particular store but […]

31 Day Nail Art Challenge: Honey-bee Nail art

Third challenge of the 31 day nail art challenge is to do a nail art using the colour yellow! Personally, I never like to paint my nails yellow (they look as if I have jaundice 😛 ) . But anything for this nail art challenge 😛 I decided to do this honey-bee nail art using yellow […]

31 day Nail Art challenge: Apple Nail Art.

Ok so I already told you guys that I’m doing the 31 day nail art challenge and the first challenge was to do a nail art using the colour red!The first thing that came to my mind was strawberries but I already did a strawberry nail art for , the e-magazine (check it out here) so […]

Zooey Deschanel inspired Tuxedo Nail Art.

If you are a fan of Zooey Deschanel, you must have seen her very famous tuxedo nails she wore to the golden globes 2012 awards.   She tweeted on her way to the awards ceremony “I’m wearing a gown but my nails are wearing tuxedos!!!” So amazing right? You need guts to carry such a […]

Nail taping : Star burst Nail Art

With this post I introduce a new nail art technique called nail taping   Nail taping is basically using a tape to do your designs..its very easy..but can sometimes be time consuming..  Here’s how you do this simple nail art using tape:  

Desidime Nail Art.

I’m in love with  Here’s a desidime nail art to express my love!!       Things you need: 1.Blue nail Polish 2.White dotting pen  3.Toothpick 4.Nail adhesive 5.Rhinestones   Step One: Using a toothpick dipped in blue nail polish draw a triangle starting from the middle of the base of your nail.   Step Two: Fill the triangle […]

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